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Pavillon de Gouffern is a a former hunting lodge Tudor, built in the eighteenth century. Today is a family home, it has been renovated into a boutique hotel with upscale services. Located in the heart of the Gouffern forest within a 80 hectare park, it is located has a few kilometers from the Haras du Pin (national Stud), easily accessible within 15 minutes drive. Refined and relaxing, our hotel will seduce you with the harmony that emerges from its walls steeped in history.

Services & amenities hotel : perfect for your stay near the Haras du Pin

Pavillon de Gouffern has twenty rooms, all with Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, minibar, radio and above all, an exceptional view of the park that surrounds the property. At dusk, you can observe wildlife to venture outside the hotel. To relax away from the bustle of everyday life, enjoy the many trails that depart from the hotel and into the forest for a walk, bike or horse-drawn carriage.

The horse’s “Versailles” : discover the haras du pin

The “Haras National du Pin” (National French Stud) whose construction began in 1715, was founded at the request of Louis XIV. He wanted to produce horses as efficient as possible for the army and the Great Stable of Versailles. The finest horses in each race were dedicated to the reproduction when others were sent to Versailles. The Haras du Pin is today a center of the Norman heritage and the Orne department up to 60 000 visitors a year.